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We care for your pets

'Pawsy' is delighted to offer a professional dog grooming service across various branches in Chennai. Our staff are fully qualified and able to offer a range of services. So whether your dog needs a wash, a simple nail trim or a full groom we are on hand to provide an excellent standard of service within our spacious and relaxing dog grooming salon.

As dog lovers, we will put the welfare of our canine customers at the very top of our priorities. We never cage animals and you will never find drying cabinets in our salon. We have a spacious waiting area for our dogs where if necessary they can be separated in our cosy play-pens. Every dog that visits our salon will be treated like one of our own.

Our Services


Grooming eliminates discomfort in many ways. First, brushing is something that feels very good to most dogs. With the right brush, your pup will feel like they’re getting a nice massage while you remove dead hair, stimulate new growth, and bring your pup’s natural oils to their skin. Further, it helps prevent matting on longer coats. If your dog’s coat does matt easily, removing those matts will help your pup feel better. Matting pulls on the skin and coat and is not only painful but often the cause of sores. Removing dirt and debris out of your dog’s coat will also make them more comfortable, prevent further matting, and replenish their skin and coat.

Nail trimming

Just like us, your dog's nails continuously grow and require proper trimming on a monthly basis. ... Since domesticated dogs' nails are not worn down enough naturally to keep up with their growth, we need to closely inspect and trim their nails for them. If left uncared for, your dog's nails can grow too long.

Coat conditioning

No matter the type of coat your dog has – long or short, thick or thin – it's a good idea to brush them on a regular basis. Brushing your dog's fur is part of a healthy grooming routine that will not only help keep them in good condition, but help prevent other skin or pest problems from becoming debilitating. Brushing, for example, is beneficial for all kinds of dogs no matter what breed they are, helping to remove dead hair, dirt, and dandruff. Regular brushing also helps to bring out the natural oils in the dog's fur. Another benefit of grooming is that it allows you to check your dog for any abnormalities.

Gland care

Fiber helps the anal glands work properly. So, a lot of dogs need their anal glands expressed manually. That means the vet or groomer squeezes them by hand to get the fluid out. (Not a fun job.) Over the last few decades, anal gland problems have been a pain in the butt for both dogs and cats.Anal gland marking is far stronger than urine marking and is not easily “erased,” as is common when dogs and cats urinate where others have done the same.

Ticks & Flea Treatment

Perhaps one of the main reasons to bathe your dog is to prevent flea and tick infestations. Although bathing alone is sometimes not enough to get rid of these nasty pests, it will help you spot them and will kill the ones on your dog. Once you know they’re there, you can remove them safely and take further action to eliminate the pests.

Ear Cleaning

Regular cleaning can help prevent ear infections. Using an appropriate ear cleaner, you can release wax and debris from the canal and help dry the ear. Dogs can build up wax and debris at a faster rate than people. Some dogs have very little ear buildup and simply need their ears wiped out occasionally.

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₹ 1200

  • Bathing
  • Blow Dry
  • Nail Clipping
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Anal Gland
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Hair Cut

₹ 800

  • Full Hair Removed
  • OR
  • Shaping
  • Top Knot
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Medicated Bath

₹ 700

  • Tick And Flea Treatment
  • Blow Dry
  • Hot Water Bubble Bath
  • Cat Conditioning
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